6 Reasons You Should Learn CPR

CPR instructor teaching a student how to perform CPR

Do you know how to perform CPR properly?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is a technique used in medical emergencies to help keep blood pumping through the body and oxygen flowing to the brain. According to the American Heart Association, CPR saves lives, and they offer classes in communities across the country and throughout the year. Emergencies can happen anywhere, but a few circumstances may have particular need of someone trained in CPR.

You Care for Infants and Children
Many parents-to-be feel the need to get first-aid and CPR training to prepare them for the responsibility of caring for a new life. In this way, they feel ready to deal with any emergency they may encounter. If you work in a school or daycare facility, CPR training will give you the skills to help during an accident or medical emergency. Generally, CPR classes include the special techniques needed for use on infants and small children.

You Live With Someone Who Has A Serious Medical Condition
If someone in your family has a serious medical condition such as heart disease or a respiratory condition, you may wish to be prepared for an emergency by getting CPR training. The procedures of chest compression and intermittent breaths given to a person in distress can maintain life until the emergency medical team arrives on the scene.

You Own A Swimming Pool
People who own a swimming pool on their property often worry about children who might be attracted to the water and end up in a drowning accident. Knowing CPR techniques will help you to be prepared to help should a drowning incident arise. Grandparents who have swimming pools on their property often want CPR training to ensure that they are in a position to help if a grandchild is in trouble.

You Work In A Medical Environment
Those who work in medical environment may have CPR training as one of the requirements for employment. Often, the employer will arrange training for new-hires to ensure that all personnel can handle any emergencies that occur with patients that are already medically compromised. If you already have this training, it can help your chances for employment. The course that medical professionals are required to take is called BLS for the Healthcare Provider.

You’re Involved in Fitness or Physical Training
Frequently, teachers of fitness programs and other personnel of a facility are required to have CPR training to ensure that they will be able to handle any medical emergency that occurs during physical activities. This readiness can be important when older clients have sudden medical problems or when unsuspected medical conditions arise in any client. Having all staff members trained in CPR is not only a good marketing point for the facility and ensures that employees will be able help until EMTs arrive.

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