CPR Classes for Parents in San Jose

Parents in San Jose need CPR

Parents in San Jose should learn CPR.


Upcoming CPR and First-aid Courses in the South Bay

CPR Classes in San Jose

First-aid Classes in San Jose

Combined CPR and First-aid Class for Parents in San Jose

Do you have small children at home? Are you around small children? If so I highly recommend taking an AHA or ARC CPR and First-aid Training class. Thousands of children are injured in Santa Clara county each year and it is important to be prepared. Many parents and caregivers use the mantra ” I hope it will never happen to me.” But accidents happen every day. Are you willing to risk your child’s life?

A CPR class only takes 3 hours of your time but it can save the life of your child or loved one. Learn CPR before it is too late. The American Heart Association teaches CPR and First-aid classes on weekends and evenings at our location on 545 Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA 95126. These CPR classes are good for parents, grandparents, nannies, au pairs, relatives, or anyone else interested in learning these skills. Our classes are fun, stress-free, and informative.

Heartsaver CPR Class covers: CPR for all the age groups, and chokesaving and how to use an AED (defibrillator).

San Jose CPR Training for parents

CPR Classes for San Jose Parents

See our upcoming CPR classes in San Jose below or call us at 408-724-9985

CPR Classes in San Jose

First-aid Classes in San Jose