BLS CPR Class for Nurses in San Jose

CPR for San Jose Nurses by the AHA

American Heart Association CPR Classes for San Jose Nurses

Do you work in the medical field in San Jose? Are you a nurse, nursing student, or a CNA and need your BLS for the Healthcare Provider CPR class in Santa Clara County? The AHA  teaches the official BLS classes which is what you need for employments. Beware of the many online scams for BLS courses. If you work in San Jose and need your CPR card for work, you are required to possess the American Heart Association BLS CPR class. We offer this class about 4 times per week  on weekends, during the week, and mornings. We also offer this class in other Bay Area cities.

Why nurses love taking their BLS CPR class with us: 

1. You get your BLS CPR card on the day of the class. 
Other CPR companies have to process the cards and mail them out which can take 2-3 weeks. However San Jose CPR Certification is an official American Heart Association Training Site so we can issue the BLS cards to nurses on the day of the class.

2. San Jose CPR  issues official American Heart Association BLS CPR cards
There are many scams in San Jose with online CPR courses, and non AHA CPR classes.

3. You don’t pay for your BLS CPR class until you arrive on the day of your class. 
Other CPR Companies ask for prepayment and if you cancel your class, you must pay again. That is not fair. Here at San Jose CPR Certification, you only pay for the class if you arrive.  But if you cannot attend, please send us a quick email or call us to cancel.

4. Lots of free parking. Large comfortable classroom with coffee, tea, granola bars. 

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BLS CPR Class for Nurses in San Jose