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Dentists in San Jose must have CPR Certification

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Are you a dentist or dental assistant in San Jose that needs to renew their CPR certification? The AHA provides the official BLS for the Healthcare Provider CPR Certification classes for CA dentists. Warning: Do not take one of those scam online CPR classes. They are not valid CPR certification by the CA Dental Board. You must take AHA (American Heart Association). We can teach these CPR classes at your Santa Clara county dental office if you have 14 or more students to train. Call our office at 408-724-9985 for more information.

Why do San Jose Dentists love renewing their CPR cards with us?

1. You get your CPR Card on the day of the class.
2. You don’t have to pay until day of class. If you can’t make it, you don’t pay. (We know you can get busy have a dental emergency, so if you can’t make your class, no worries. Other companies demand payment in advance and if you miss your appointment, you have pay for the class again.)
3. You receive 4 CE credits from the CA Dental Board
4. You will receive official American Heart Association CPR cards.
5. Lots of free parking, and a large comfortable classroom.
6. The American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider is required for Dentists according to the CA Dental Board 

Or if you have only a few people to train, we have a nice comfortable classroom in San Jose where we teach this class about 4-5 times per week. Here is a listing of our upcoming CPR classes for dentists in San Jose:

Upcoming CPR classes for San Jose Dentists: 

BLS CPR for San Jose Dentists

CPR Training and CE credits for San Jose Dentists

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