CPR Certification for San Jose Coaches

Coaches in San Jose must learn AHA CPR & First-aid

Coaches in San Jose must learn CPR & First-aid

Are you soccer, football, track, basketball, or baseball coach working in San Jose? If so you must have a current CPR and First-aid certification card. I am not sure why but I have run into a lot of coaches who have taken an online CPR Training class. These bogus online CPR classes are not valid certifications and you will not be properly trained if you take one of those scam classes.

If you are a coach, you are responsible for the life and safety of the children. Take this seriously and take an official American Heart Association CPR & First-aid training class. We offer these CPR and First-aid courses for coaches in San Jose.

San Jose CPR Classes for Coaches

San Jose First-aid Classes for Coaches

San Jose CPR/First-aid Class for Coaches