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Personal Trainers in San Jose need to take a CPR Class

CPR Certification for San Jose Personal Trainers

AED Class for Fitness instructors and personal trainers

AED Training for Personal Trainers in San Jose

Are you a San Jose personal trainer? Do you work for 24 Hour Fitness or another health club? Be sure you attend the correct CPR class for fitness instructors, personal trainers, yoga instructors, or anyone in the fitness field. All fitness studios in CA must own an AED (defibrillator). Also, staff must be trained on how to use an AED and CPR. If you are in the fitness field, you must take Heartsaver CPR/AED.

This AHA CPR training goes over cardio pulmonary resuscitation (all ages), chokesaving, and how to use an AED and this class is taught in San Jose. You will receive your certification card on the day of the class, and you do not pay until the day of the class. Register for the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED Training class in San Jose or call us at 408-724-9985.

San Jose Heartsaver CPR/AED