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San Jose Child care centers must learn CPR

CPR Certification (EMSA) for Child Care Centers in San Jose

San Jose CPR for Child Care Providers

EMSA San Jose - Program # 0204-DC

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 Combined CPR & First-aid class for San Jose Childcare 

Health & Safety for Childcare (this class is taught only in San Francisco)

Do you work in a child care center in San Jose? Or do you own a licensed child care center? If so you are required to have 3 current licenses to operate your center according to the Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA).

1. CPR Training which covers adult, child, & infant CPR, chokesaving, and how to use an AED. Card valid 2 years.

2. First-aid Training which covers, bleeding control, poisoning, burns, broken bones, EPI pen, allergic reactions, glove removal, etc. Card valid 2 years.

3. Health & Safety. We only offer this course about once every 3 months and only in San Francisco. This course does not have an expiration date.

Warning: There are many CPR schools that teach uncertified classes. How would you like to spend all day saturday taking a CPR class and then find out that the course was not an official course? You would then have to take the course again. Take the CPR training with us in San Jose and receive official American Heart Association (EMSA approved) certification on the day of your class.

Here are a few reasons why people love taking their CPR training with us

1. You will receive your certification card on the day of the class.
(Other companies mail out the card which can take 2-3 weeks).

2. You don’t have to pay until the day of the class. If you can’t make it, you don’t pay.
(Other companies ask for prepayment, and if you cancel, you must pay again.)

3. We issue official American Heart Association CPR cards (EMSA approved for child care providers)
(Other companies teach uncertified CPR classes which are not accepted by EMSA).

4. Our instructors are fun, friendly and informative. You will have a fun class.

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 Combined CPR & First-aid class for San Jose Childcare 

Health & Safety for Childcare (this class is taught only in San Francisco)

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