American Heart Association Hands Only CPR

Many people are afraid to perform in CPR in a real emergency since they do want to put their mouth on the victim’s mouth. This is understandable and the American Heart Association has another option. Instead of performing CPR with a combination of breaths and compressions, you can skip the breaths and only perform compressions. This is called Hands Only CPR and has proved to be very effective. So if you are in an emergency and you do not want mouth to mouth contact, but you still want to help, perform hands-only-cpr. If you suspect the person has no pulse and no breathing, place the heed of your hand in the middle of the chest and perform deep chest compressions until the ambulance arrives on the scene.

How to Perform Hands Only CPR:

1. If you see an adult or teen suddenly collapse, call 911

2. Put your hands in the center of the chest

3. Press hard and fast to the disco beat of Stayin’ Alive.

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