What To Include In Your Own First Aid Kit

Emergencies can take many forms, from natural disasters to camping trips gone sour. The smart thing to do is to have a first aid kit on hand in your San Jose child care center or school to take care of the basics, in the event of an injury. Precious time can be saved by not having to scramble around improvising, while you or someone close to you is in pain or bleeding heavily. While these kits can be purchased from the American Heart Association in San Jose and some drug stores, you can also put together your own and include additional items for any unique situations that might apply to the environment for which it is intended. The Costco in San Jose has an excellent first-aid kit that costs about $30.

Besides buying a first-aid kit, it is almost very important to attend an American Heart Association certified First-aid class. San Jose CPR Training offers a First-aid training class in San Jose, CA.

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The following are some suggestions on what to include in your own:

– American Heart Association First Aid Instruction Manual

– Antiseptic Wipes

– 2 pair of large, non-latex gloves

– 3 inch and 4 inch elastic bandages

– Assortment of various sizes/shapes of adhesive bandages

– Assortment of sterile gauze pads

– Triangular bandages

– Scissors

– Tweezers

– Oral thermometer (non-glass)

– Splint

– Adhesive cloth tape

– Compress dressings

– Antibiotic ointment

– Hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic solution

– Antiseptic ointment (several packets)

– Instant cold packs

– Blanket

– Aspirin and other alternative pain relievers (acetaminophen and ibuprofen)

– Hydrocortisone cream

– Soap

– Rubbing alcohol

– Calamine lotion

– Mouthpiece with one-way valve for CPR (available from the Red Cross)

– Flashlight with a set of extra batteries

– List of emergency numbers

– Safety pins

Put these items together in a suitable, water-proof box that is labeled and easily recognizable. Remember to keep your first aid kit in a place where everyone can find it, whether it’s for your car, your cabin in the woods, or your home. It doesn’t do much good if you’re the only one that knows about it and you happen to be injured and unconscious. You might not need all of these items and then again, you might think of a few others that are even more useful. What counts is that you have a starting point from which to begin putting together a package of supplies that can easily be located by everyone in an emergency and might also potentially save a life.

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