CPR Scams on the Internet in Santa Clara County

The American Heart Association and the American Red Cross do not offer 100% online CPR courses so if  you suspect a website is not offering official certification, you can call us to report them. Here are the top 5 reasons to avoid taking an online CPR training class.

1. Online CPR Classes Offer No Practice Time

It takes some time to learn the skills of CPR. The American Heart Association offers watch and learn training which means you practice along with a video while a certified instructor monitors your skills. The online CPR companies do not provide any practice time, which means you go to their website, pay with an ATM card and then print out a card. Do you think that sounds valid?

2. CPR Certification Card

If you take an official AHA certification class, you will receive the certification card after the completion of the course. If you take an online course, you print out a card from a regular printer which is obviously a fake card.

3. Money Back Refund

Online CPR training companies are proud that they can offer your money back if the bogus card is not accepted. But they already know their cards are not accepted for any type of job. However, good luck trying to get your money back from these internet CPR companies. They make you jump through so many hoops that you will give up. Some of their requirements to get your money back: you have to overnight the card back to them with tracking, you must have your boss fill out the refund form.

4. CPR courses are fun!

Take a CPR class by the AHA or the ARC. CPR classes are a lot of fun.

6. Blended eLearning CPR certification

The AHA and the American Red Cross offer eLearning courses which are valid. You do the written test at home and then meet with an authorized instructor for the skills testing.