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San Jose Pediatric First-aid EMSA

Childcare providers in Santa Clara County are required by law to take the the Pediatric First-aid and CPR class once every two years. They also must have the 8 hour Health and Safety class (this certification does not expire).

Pediatric First-aid/CPR – 8 hours
Health/Safety – 8 hours

Warning of Fraud from EMSA

EMSA has sent out a fraud alert about CPR companies in Santa Clara County and throughout the SF Bay Area who are teaching unauthorized classes.

Child Care Provider training consists of 16 hours of training.
The hours of training must be completed as follows:

  • 4 hours of pediatric first aid
  • 4 hours of pediatric CPR (including infant, child, and adult CPR and infant, child, and adult AED training)
  • 8 hours of Preventive Health and Safety Training; this training is a one-time-only course

Every two (2) years, child care providers must renew their training by completing 4 hours of pediatric first aid and 4 hours of pediatric CPR.  If an instructor provides a course in fewer hours than required, the training is not in compliance with the law.  Report this situation to the EMS Authority at (916) 322-4336, extension 434.

Before agreeing to pay for a training course in pediatric first aid, pediatric CPR, or preventive health practices, ask to see the training program or instructors certification card or other document authorizing them to train child care providers.  For EMSA approved training programs, ask to receive EMSA course completion stickers for your training course.  If the training program cannot provide course completion stickers or a certification card, call EMSA at (916) 322-4336 and ask to speak to the child care unit to verify a training program.

DO NOT BE THE VICTIM OF FRAUD:  If you accept a training course from a non-authorized instructor, you will have to retake the training course at your cost.  Please ask your child care licensing authority for any information regarding child care licensing standards.

IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF FRAUD:  If the training program is EMSA approved, call us at (916) 322-4336 to file a complaint with the child care unit.  If the training program is not EMSA approved, you will have to contact the authorizing authority for the training program, or report the fraud to local law enforcement.


What to do if you are the victim of a fraudulent EMSA course:

1. Contact the local police
2. Call EMSA in Sacramento: 916-322-4336
3. Unfortunately, you must pay again and take an official course.

How to Confirm an Official EMSA Course

1. Call EMSA to confirm
Their phone number is 916-322-4336 or view their website. We are Safety Training Seminars and license number is 0204DC.

2. Check the length of their class
If you see a Pediatric First-aid CPR class listed as less than 8 hours, it is a scam. Even if you are renewing, state law requires the class to be 8 hours.  If you take a class with a company that is not 8 hours, your card would not be accepted by Community Care Licensing. Also, online CPR and First-aid courses are not accepted.

3. View the license
We have been providing high quality CPR and First-aid classes in the Bay Area since 1989 and our EMSA license is below.

Call us if you have any questions: 408-724-9985

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