American Red Cross CPR in San Jose

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San Jose CPR Classes

There are a few American Red Cross CPR and First-aid training schools located in the Bay Area and specifically in San Jose, CA. These ARC schools provide life saving classes in CPR, First-aid, Babysitters First-aid, Wilderness First-aid, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. If you take a CPR training class with the American Red Cross, you will receive an official ARC certification card at the end of your class.

We do not teach American Red Cross CPR Classes in San Jose since their certification cards are only valid for one year. Most places require American Heart Association CPR certification which is good for two years but check with your supervisor or call us for more info. If you require an American Heart Association CPR certification instead of the American Red Cross CPR certification, you can click on the link below.

Or you can call us for more information at 408-724-9985