EMSA CPR & First-aid Classes in San Jose

The Santa Clara chapter of the American Heart Association offers EMSA certified CPR and EMSA certified First-aid training classes to the public. Child care providers who work in the South Bay are required by law to be certified in CPR & First-aid and have their EMSA certification.

Warning: There are many scams in the South Bay by people who claim they are EMSA certified but in fact are not qualified to teach these classes. San Jose CPR Certification is an official EMSA Training site and their license number is 0204-DC.

The CPR and First-aid certification from EMSA is valid for 2 years. View our upcoming EMSA classes here on our website:

EMSA Certification in San Jose

San Jose Emergency Medical Services Authority

EMSA CPR, First-aid certification for child care providers in San Jose