CPR/AED Certification Classes in the San Jose Bay Area

The Santa Clara American Heart Association teaches CPR/AED classes near downtown San Jose. Students will learn Adult CPR, Child CPR, Baby CPR, the correct procedure to use a defibrillator, and how to perform CPR using a pocket mask. The following professions are required to have their CPR/AED certification as part of their job requirement: nanny, child care workers, social workers, coaches, teachers, and fitness instructors, and personal trainers.

Here is a list of our upcoming CPR/AED classes in Santa Clara County. Classes also held throughout the Bay Area.

CPR/AED Classes in the San Jose Bay Area


Bay Area CPR/AED Classes

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American Heart Association BLS

American Heart Association BLS CardThis course goes by a few different names including BLS, BCLS, C-level, BLS HCP, but the official name is American Heart Association Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider. Now you can see why people like to shorten the name. The BLS course covers CPR for all the age groups, how to properly use a defibrillator, pocket mask, ambu style bag valve mask, 2 person CPR, and choke-saving techniques.

Over the past few years, we have had students come to our training who took a class with another company and the card was not accepted since it was not by the American Heart Association.

Here are a few questions to ask your CPR provider before registering for a class.

1. When do I receive my BLS card? 
San Jose CPR Certification issues the certification cards on the day of the training. Most other companies mail out the cards which can take up to 20 days to receive. I have found that most students prefer to receive their card on the day of the course.

2. When do I pay?
Most CPR companies in the San Jose area ask for prepayment and offer no refunds if you miss your class or if you must reschedule. However, with us, you do not pay until you arrive, and you can cancel anytime for any reason. After you register for a class, you will receive an email confirmation. If you want to cancel, you just click CANCEL. Nice and easy.

3. What certification card is issued? 
Be sure to check with your supervisor or coworker what type of certification card is required. Most places in San Jose require the American Heart Association BLS card. Safety Training Seminars is an official American Heart Association Training Center and the license number is California-20784.

Online CPR Classes

CPR & BLS Courses online
Do you think online CPR classes are valid?

Have you ever heard about taking a CPR class over the computer? If you search on google, you will see lots of companies that offer online cpr certification classes from the convenience of home. However, the cards they issue are not official or valid certification cards. This is an internet scam.

I decided to take one of these classes to see what would happen. I paid $40 and then took a 7 question test. Two minutes later I was able to print out a CPR card. My card even had a computer generated instructor name on the back. Does this sound like a legitimate training course?

These online training companies trick the unsuspecting public by offering 100% money back guarantees if the card is not accepted. However, they already know the card is not acceptable for any type of job in San Jose. Good luck trying to get your money returned. Some of them even offer a lifetime certification, which does not make any sense since the guidelines change every 5 years. Tell your friends and coworkers about this internet scam.

So to be on the safe side, avoid these online CPR classes, and instead take an official American Heart Association certified course in San Jose. Classes are offered on a regular basis at 545 Meridian Ave, SJ, CA 95126.

AHA Blended eLearning Training

The American Heart Association has developed blendedACLS courses for the busy professional. These are not online training courses since they combine training over the computer with skills testing. The skills portion involves a demonstration of the skills under the watchful eyes of an AHA CPR or ACLS instructor to make sure you can master the skills. We offer these CPR renewal training courses in San Jose, CA.

View Upcoming BLS Renewal Classes Here