Are Online CPR Certification Classes Valid?: Are online First-aid Courses an Internet Scam?

CPR & BLS Courses online

Do you think online CPR classes are valid?

Over the past few months, we have had numerous students come to us after wasting money on one of those online CPR training companies.

How someone can take a CPR class on a computer.
1. Go to an online First-aid course website
2. Pay about $50 with a credit card
3. Print out your certification card.

So, do you think this sounds like a valid certification card? You did not get a CPR manual, no practice on manikins, no written test, no instructor feedback, and no reading or videos.

How these companies trick the San Jose community:
1. They offer a one hundred percent money back guarantee.
Wow. That is generous. However, these scam companies already know that their certification is not accepted for any type of job in California. In order to get your money back, you must have your supervisor fill out a long form that asks for their personal information. And then your supervisor will know that you decided to take a fake CPR class instead of attending an official training.
2. They use similar names to the American Heart Association and American Red Cross in order to trick people.
3. They use logos that are similar to the AHA or ARC.

Why you should not take an online CPR seminar:

  • You do not receive a valid certification card.
  • You would not be prepared to perform life-saving maneuvers
  • You would have to take the class all over again.
  • It is possible that you could lose your job or work time by not taking the correct class.
  • You should not support these scam CPR companies.

What you should do

You should make the responsible decision and take an official American Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR and First-aid course. The American Heart Association teaches CPR and First-aid Classes in San Jose.




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