Bay Area CPR & First-aid Classes in San Jose

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Santa Clara County CPR and First-aid Classes

San Francisco CPR & First-aid Classes

Marin County CPR & First-aid Classes

Concord CPR & First-aid Classes 

CPR Training in the Bay Area

American Heart Association CPR classes in the Bay Area


Why Choose Safety Training Seminars for your CPR Class

1. STS: You can pay on the day of the class.
Other CPR Companies: You must pay before the class by check or credit card

2. STS: No penalty for canceling since you don’t pay until the day of the class.
Other CPR Companies: If you miss your class or cancel, no refunds.

3. STS: You will receive your card on the day of the class.
Other CPR companies: You have to wait 2-6 weeks to get your card in the mail

4. STS: Lots of free parking
Other CPR companies: Must pay up to $40 per day for parking

5. STS: Over 95% of our reviews on Yelp are 4 or 5 stars,  A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, & providing classes since 1989
Other CPR companies: Beware.  There are many scams on the internet with fake CPR cards.


Beware: There are a lot of scams on the internet for CPR training. Here are a few tips to protect yourself:

Find a local company instead of an out of state company.
We have been teaching in San Francisco Bay Area since 1989.

Check out Yelp and Better Business Bureau.
We have an A+ rating on BBB, and 95% of our reviews on Yelp are 4-5 stars.

Don’t give out your credit card number online or to anyone on the phone.
At Safety Training Seminars, you don’t need to pay until the day of the course.

Don’t take online courses on the internet. They are not valid or accepted.
Exception: We teach American Heart Association online courses and they are valid.